When technology does magic

Phil SCHILLER discussing Apple AirPods:

At the surface level, it’s an incredibly simple product. But the reality is it’s actually an incredibly complex product to make. Each AirPod really is its own computer, running software and hardware. And those two computers need to deliver this very clear experience that you want, and they have to work together, because we’re very attuned to synchronisation in audio as a species. And so it has to work the way you want.

Spectacular innovation is not always about flashy new things like virtual reality or 3D printing. It’s sometimes about making complexity disappears and technology does magic.

It’s easy to dismiss such products at first as plain incremental improvements. But they bring something past just being unplugged. The change runs deeper. If in doubt, check how many Bluetooth headphones are currently struggling on the market… But also think about how FaceID is making passwords or even other forms of biometric authentication seem clumsy and heavy-handed.

This is linked to one of my keynote this year on « Invisible Technologies ».

The only four problems that innovators can solve

Innovation is a high-speed play field. To survive and strive in it you need find the right short-cuts. Here is a simple way to deal with “understanding the market problem”.

Running a regular business is not a simple thing, but it’s at least well documented and can be taught in various ways. It’s comparable to classical mechanics. Innovation on the other hand is the quantum physics of classical business. When its counter-intuitiveness has been laid out for you, you immediately feel like you get it. Then you need to get involved in it and you realize that you just don’t get it. Continue reading “The only four problems that innovators can solve”

Entretien avec Nicolas Nova sur les différents modèles d’innovation

En fin d’année dernière, Nicolas NOVA m’avait interviewé sur “Les enjeux des différents modèles d’innovation”. Cet entretien était réalisé dans le cadre  des travaux de la direction de Prospective et du Dialogue Public de la Métropole de Lyon sur les modèles d’innovation. Vous trouverez l’article dans sa publication originale ici et des points complémentaires plus bas.  Continue reading “Entretien avec Nicolas Nova sur les différents modèles d’innovation”

Mesurer l’intensité de l’innovation

Après mon article d’hier, il me semblait nécessaire d’aller au bout de la seule discussion technique que je commençais à soulever. Voici donc dans les grandes lignes un outil permettant de mesurer l’intensité de l’innovation. L’outil que j’ai choisi parmi cinq différents est celui que nous utilisons le plus en routine. Pour la petite histoire, je l’avais posée en 2008, quand je faisais encore des levées de fonds, pour permettre à des équipes de startups de communiquer avec leur banque. Continue reading “Mesurer l’intensité de l’innovation”