🔴 Consulting kickstart -7- Spinning the ABC flywheel

We're nearing the end of our kickstart program and shifting from tactical to more strategic advice on managing a progressively self-sustaining business.

🔴 Consulting kickstart -7- Spinning  the ABC flywheel
Photo by Sebastian Svenson / Unsplash

Last weeks recap

The previous edition of the newsletter tried to nail down the final parts of customer acquisition by working on "selling without selling" and growing a sustainable network of influence.

🔴 Consulting kickstart -6- Building a customer community
The notion of customer community might be overused and debased, but when understood is certainly the core of a strong and resilient consulting business. As always, we’ll see some practical approaches to get you started and grow such a network.

As we get to the end of our program, I'll get into more strategic perspectives that admittedly are beyond what you might need right now but will prove crucial the more you get comfortable in your new consulting practice. These things took me quite some time to learn as the underlying mechanisms of an independent and sustainable consulting business are pretty tricky.

In a more structured way, let's see now how you can eventually consolidate your business around specific customers, missions, and budgets that could grow organically and become self-sustaining...

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