🔴 Consulting kickstart -5- Refining the elastic pitch

We're now crossing the halfway line of our program after having addressed expertise, pricing, and started to prepare market launch. This week, we refine our pitch and the various forms of marketing we need. Conveniently one central framework will allow us to get there.

🔴 Consulting kickstart -5- Refining the elastic pitch
Photo by Indian Yogi (Yogi Madhav) / Unsplash

Last weeks recap

We're at a point where we now have most of our tools. They are mostly in draft mode, but that was the hard part to get there. As we used a simple website to pin down our consulting strategy, we can now refine more easily our communication and marketing.

🔴 Consulting kickstart -4- The online Homebase
After the first three weeks of addressing heavy stuff, from your type of expertise to how-to price consulting, this week is much more straightforward and technical. It’s about your website. And still, it might be where you’ll feel the most challenged. The message? Stop worrying, and get out there!

So, let's get there and focus more on the marketing side of things this week. As I can't cover all communication formats, I'll offer you a powerful hack, the ones I'm always using with startups: we'll use a central communication framework with all the critical information about our consulting business, and depending on the bandwidth we have, we're going to expand or contract it.

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