Why Ad Monetization is Wrong (Really)

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In a recent article on Medium called The End of the Ad-Supported Web, Julien GENESTOUX is putting the finger on a many things I was obsessing with these last few months about ad monetization. You may want to read the article first, the following are my extra comments:

The main gripe with ad monetization that we all think we understand, is that companies involved in this strategy disconnect their added value from what they invoice. This lateral move seems minor while it is quite critical. When Zuckerberg meekly declares that ads are the way to allow everyone on the platform he already has excluded the possibility to have tiers where some will pay and other not.

Why? Because he wouldn’t make nearly as much money. But the few degrees of difference in the initial trajectory have been now compounded over 14 years both in the culture, the strategy and essentially, what is Facebook as a product. Which means that it is an ad machine and nothing else anymore.

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